The Launch of Stamp Out Slavery

On Anti-Slavery Day on October 18, 2023, a new initiative, Stamp Out Slavery (SOS), was launched, targeting the cleaning, FM, and various other sectors.

Current estimates suggest that over 100,000 individuals in the UK are living under conditions of modern slavery. SOS has adopted a three-pronged strategy to combat this dire situation, particularly as it occurs within the realms of cleaning, soft services, security, hospitality, construction, and social care.

  • Offer certification to employers whose processes demonstrate compliance with modern slavery legislation and application of best practice in their labour supply chains.
  • Raise awareness among employees of the signs of modern slavery and signpost them to organisations that can offer guidance and support if they have something to report.
  • Support modern slavery charities through co-branding, fundraising and donating a significant percentage of membership fees to support their work.

For the period spanning 2023-2025, SOS has selected Unseen, a Bristol-based charity, as its partner, committing to allocate 20% of quarterly fee income to support their crucial efforts with exploitation victims and to sustain the UK Modern Slavery and Exploitation Helpline (08000 121 700).

The initiative was inaugurated in the City of London and witnessed the contributions of various prominent speakers, including former Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner Prof Dame Sara Thornton and Phil Brewer, a former police officer now consulting for the Human Trafficking Foundation. Their discussions aimed to broaden understanding about the prevalence of modern slavery and human trafficking within workplaces and business supply chains.

Find more information at the Stamp out Slavery website.