Our history

AMFM was set up by the managing director, Callum MacLeod in 2010 for a property management company who were looking to provide services in-house for their commercial property portfolio.

Callum brought his customer base from his previous company, unimaginatively named Pristine Clean, and added this to the direct and indirect client base to create a company which quickly grew to a respectable size.

The owners of the company, as part of a restructuring process which would eventually see their company incorporated into one of the UK’s largest managing agents, decided to concentrate on their core activities and in 2012, Callum bought AMFM and started expanding the portfolio of customers with the invaluable assistance of Carlos Rodrigues whose untiring efforts were instrumental in ensuring service continuity and sales growth. 

We are committed to being the best employers that we can be and last year signed up to the Living Wage Foundation ensuring that all staff not employed on contracts enjoy a wage which provides for a better standard of life. We actively encourage our customers to consider the benefits of contracts which incorporate the living wage although we naturally understand circumstances which might make this impractical for some.

We want to keep our customers for a long time but we don’t believe that contracts which ask for long notice periods or minimum terms are in the best interest of customer service, so we ask for a month at any time which we think is a reasonable time to allow us the time needed to find alternative employment for our operatives.

We’re approachable and always helpful; whether you’re a customer or not, advice and assistance is a phone call or e mail away and we’ll always be pleased to help with a query.

The cleaning industry is diverse and constantly changing, so whether you’re a client with an answer from your cleaning service provider that you don’t understand or a cleaning service provider trying to answer a question from your client which you want them to understand, we have a strong knowledge base within the company which we’re pleased to share with the world at large.

Employment law, specialist equipment queries, contract advice and industry best practice are particular areas of strength, but we love a challenge and have the resources to rise to one so do feel free to contact us at any time whatever your circumstances.